Business Strategy Communication

Business Strategy Communication

A Global Confectionery Company


Define and communicate a long-term corporate vision for growth to the executives and employees of a global confectionery leader.


Facilitate the delivery of a five-year business plan for enterprise growth and design a communication approach to share it with the organization’s various stakeholders. Working with the chief executive officer and other senior executives, we provided a process to help articulate the company’s vision, mission and values. We pushed the client to examine critically its current state and to define its future in language accessible to all audiences. To bridge the gap, we helped communicate strategic initiatives essential to the company and its employees’ success. We identified employee behaviors that were obstacles to reaching the organization’s objectives. This strategy document served as the central communication piece for sharing the strategy with the Board, senior management, line supervisors and a broad-based employee population. It emphasizes the connection between business strategy, group performance and individual contribution.

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