About Smith

Smith is a management consulting firm that specializes in employee, marketing and corporate communication services. We offer our clients in-depth expertise in human resources, benefits and total rewards, as well as in employee training, business strategy and marketing implementations. We also help our clients communicate during complex corporate transactions such as mergers, acquisitions, spinoffs and workforce reductions.

Smith's Approach

What makes Smith different? Our people do.

With a minimum of 10 years of communications experience, our partners and consultants do more than show up for meetings and the occasional conference call — We do the work. All the work. Every time.

The Smith model of deeply experienced consultants is a very different business approach than you’ll find in most of the management consulting industry. It is an approach we’ve built to ensure our clients get the highest quality communication services delivered in the most cost-effective way.

Communication – skillfully executed – can help increase an organization’s return on investment in assets, people and employee programs. That’s why we strive to create practical, creative and cost-effective strategies for our clients’ employee, marketing and corporate communication efforts.

Smith offers our clients communication services in six broad areas:

  1. Human Resources, Benefits and Total Rewards
  2. Employee Training
  3. Change Management Communication
  4. Business Strategy Communication
  5. Marketing and Sales Support
  6. CoSourcing Partnerships

Smith provides both turnkey solutions (managing all aspects of an assignment) and à la carte services (often working collaboratively with clients’ internal staff or other outside advisors). Much of this work requires detailed, technical knowledge of a wide variety of business, management and communication issues. Our staff consists only of accomplished professional communicators who can bring this level of expertise to each client engagement.

Mission & Values

Smith seeks to provide the most comprehensive, innovative and highest quality communication services for our clients in each area of expertise offered by our firm. By providing strategic, practical and creative solutions for our clients, we can help organizations and the individuals who make up these enterprises around the world achieve their own professional goals. This is Smith’s mission and overarching purpose.

To accomplish this mission we also strive to create the most attractive organization for the marketplace’s best professional communicators to apply their experience, skills and passion. By reaching this employee-focused goal we believe Smith will excel toward our client-focused mission.

Smith has a set of core principals and beliefs that guide our firm’s work and relationship with our clients. These are:

  1. Smith’s success is dependent upon our clients’ success. All of our firm’s short term priorities, long term strategic plans, and daily exercise of energy have as their primary focus our clients’ needs.
  2. Smith seeks long-term business partnerships with clients. This emphasis insists on professionalism, the highest commitment to quality services, discreet advice-giving and personal integrity on the part of our consultants.
  3. Smith shares our deep experience and honest opinions with our clients. One of the most important deliverables to our clients is our experience. Because, unlike most of our competitors, Smith only employs senior-level communicators, we can provide our clients with insights and guidance that can only be the result of many years in our business.

Smith Careers

Smith is a growing organization looking to identify excellent consulting talent. Successful candidates for employment with Smith typically have at least 10 years of communication experience. We seek out the rare communicator who combines exceptional creativity, a passion for technical details and a dedication to superb client service. In addition, we greatly value strong organizational and project management skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. Strong portfolio samples of previous work and an outstanding employment background are a must.

All of our partners and associates have undergraduate degrees in relevant fields and many hold graduate degrees in areas such as business administration, mass communication, social media, education and art design.


Some firms call them internships; we call them apprenticeships. Smith apprentices have the opportunity to see operational aspects of a growing management consulting firm. We welcome candidates from a variety of educational and professional backgrounds. Usually, our Smith apprentices are working toward undergraduate or graduate degrees in related communication or business areas. However, we also employ working professionals who seek an opportunity to investigate a new field of work.

If you are interested in learning more about employment opportunities with our firm, please contact our Managing Partner at the following address.

Smith Communication Partners
79 West Paces Ferry Road NW
Suite 300
Atlanta, GA  30305

Who’s Smith?

We are often asked, “Who is Smith?”

Smith isn’t a partner or associate or a founding member of our firm. Smith is an ideal.

Smith (smith) n., a craftsperson or artisan. A recognized specialist in a field that often requires years of apprenticeship to reach status or title.
A communication expert.

Historically, a smith was an artisan or craftsperson. A dedicated expert who infused his or her craft with a lifetime of skill and a commitment to quality.

Today, “Smith” often describes the role we fill for our clients.

We design communication strategies that are creative, cost-efficient and effective. We are dedicated to communicating with artistry and accuracy. And, we help solve many of our clients’ business challenges with straightforward, improved employee, marketing and corporate communication efforts.

Why Smith?

Clients often tell us they choose to work with Smith because:

  1. Our deep-experience consulting model ensures only seasoned professionals on client assignments.
  2. Our commitment to exceptional project management allows our clients to have confidence in established deadlines and budgets.
  3. Our insistence on high-quality graphic design solutions is second to none in our industry.
  4. Our work process flexibility allows clients to work with Smith on project management platforms, scheduling tools and other business necessities they choose.