Employee Training

Employee Training and Performance Management

A Global Pharmaceutical Company


Drive awareness of employee training programs and distinguish those programs from other corporate initiatives.


Define, design, and align the training brand. This global pharmaceutical’s Organization and Talent Development (O&TD) department administers a comprehensive training curriculum for the company’s employees. The problem faced by O&TD was that too few people were aware of the full offerings available and how to take advantage of them. Smith was brought in to help O&TD promote its learning and development offerings while distinguishing them from training initiatives offered by other functions in the company, such as sales and IT. First, we helped O&TD define itself with a new, clear mission statement. Next, came a distinct graphic design identity applied to all O&TD’s materials. Then, we redesigned, reorganized and helped rewrite O&TD’s intranet content, working within the organization’s content management system and training O&TD staff on how to maintain the site on an ongoing basis.

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