A Quick Trip Through Employee Experience

Thinking in terms of the employee experience can help you improve communications.

Recently, a longtime client asked me, “What is employee experience and how does it make a difference when it comes to communications?” 

After we hung up, I reached out to one of my fellow partners here at Smith, Scott Walters, to explore ways we might summarize and capture that conversation. “A Quick Trip Through Employee Experience” is the result.

At the outset, we wanted the document itself to be an experience for both the audience and the creators alike. So, we took the opportunity to experiment with the design and format. Allow me to geek out a little …

Much of the graphic design work we do for our clients is based on grids. An underlying grid helps ensure a familiar composition across the various elements of a campaign, and they make it easy to position and size content. But, grids also result in a lot of sameness within a single visual identity system and across the many visual identity systems we work within. Bottom line (pun intended) … grids are great, but we needed a break!

“A Quick Trip Through Employee Experience” showcases a distinct painterly style uncommon in the visual identity systems we typically worth within. In an increasingly digital world, we thought something with a freer, more “hands-on” feel would help reinforce the human element of the story.  

This document is a PDF and it is best viewed through the Acrobat desktop application. We hope you’ll download it and enjoy the ride.

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